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Data Science

What Will You Learn - Curriculum

1. Introduction to Python
a. What is Python?
b. Where and how it is used?
c. Why Python over others?
d. Flavors of Python
e. Version 3.x

2. Installation & Environment Setup
a. Introduction to PYPI
b. Introduction to Pep8
c. Introduction to IDE
d. (Jupiter-notebook/Pycharm)

3. Datatypes & it’s methods
a. numbers

4. Program Flow Control

5. Functions
a. In built functions
b. Function definition & function calls
i. int
ii. float
iii. complex
i. for
ii. while
b. string
c. bool
d. tuple
e. list
f. set
g. dict
a. Branching statements
i. if
ii. elif ladder
iii. else
b. Loops
c. Positional Arguments
d. Default ArgumentsNumber of arguments
e. Keyword arguments
f. Anonymous function

6. Generators
a. What is generator?
b. Implementing generator
c. Advantages of generator

7. Decorators
a. What is decorators?
b. Implementing Decorators
c. Advanatages of decorator

8. Modules & Packages
a. What is a module?
b. How to use Builtin modules?
c. How to create user defined modules?
d. How to use Third party modules?

9. Object Oriented Paradigms
a. What is a class?
b. What is an object?
c. How to a create class & its objects??
d. Pillars of OOP
i. Encapsulation
ii. Inheritance
iii. Polymorphism
iv. Abstratction

10. Exception Handling
a. What is an error?
b. What is an Exception?
c. How to handle it?

11. File Handling
a. Introduction to file system
b. How to create a file?

12. Database
a. Intro to database
b. Advantages of database
c. What is MySql?
d. What is SQL?
e. Database connectivity in Python
f. Performing CRUD operations

13. Logging
a. Error logging
b. Logging user activities
c. Different modes to create a file system
d. Different formats of file system

14. Regular Expressions
a. Introduction to regular expressions
b. Implementing RegEx

15. JSON

a. What is JSON?
b. Adavantages of using JSON
c. Implementing JSON

16. Cron Jobs

a. Introduction to System Automation
b. Setting up CRON Jobs

17. ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

a. Introduction to ORM
b. Advantages of using ORM
c. Implementing ORM


18. Unit Testing
a. What is unit Testing?
b. Implementing unit testing

1. Introduction to Data Science
a. What is Data Science
b. What does data science involves
c. Life cycle of Data Science
d. Tools of Data Science

2.Python environment Setup and Essentials
a. Introduction to python tools for Data Science
b. Software installation

3. Mathematical Computing with Python
a. Introduction to Numpy
b. Introduction to numpy arrays
c. How to Access Array Elements?
d. Indexing, Slicing, Iteration, Indexing with
Boolean Arrays
e. Dealing with Flat files using numpy
f. Mathematical functions
g. Statistical functions (mean, median, average,
standard deviation)
h. Operations with arrays

4. Data Manipulation with Pandas
a. Introduction to Pandas
b. Defining data structures
c. Understanding Dataframes
d. Importing Data from various sources
e. (Csv, txt, excel etc)
f. Handling Missing valuesData Operations
g. File read operations
h. Descriptive statistics

5. Data Visualization using Matplotlib
a. Create plots like scatter plot, histogram,
bar graph, pie chart using Matplotlib
b. Grids, axes, plots Markers, colour, fonts and

6. Machine learning using scikit-learn
a. Machine learning Process Life cycle
b. Machine learning categories
c. Feature selection and extraction in
machine learning
d. Supervised learning algorithms
e. Regression
f. Simple linear Regression
g. Applications of linear regression
h. Building regression models using python
i. Process to implement linear regression
j. Coefficient of determination (R- Squared)
k. Accuracy of model

l. Multiple linear Regression
m. Classification
n. Logistic Regression

o. Building Logistic Regression Model
p. Understanding standard model metrics
q. Validation of Logistic Regression Models
r. Standard Business Outputs
s. Decision Tree
t. Random Forest
u. Support Vector Machines
v. K – NN
w. Naïve Bayes classifier
x. Model evaluation techniques –
concepts of confusion matrix,
y. threshold evaluation with ROCR
z. Unsupervised machine learning algorithms
aa. K-Means Clustering
bb. Hierarchical Clustering

7. Web Scraping in Python
a. Parsing HTML and XML
b. Navigating the document
c. Handling CSV files
d. Parsing JSON into Python

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Rahul Khartude
Rahul Khartude
Java Devloper
Read More
I joined IT Shaala in java full stack batch. Great platform to learn IT skills with super and deep knowledgeble mentors like Sandeep sir, Pragati mam. They asked dought each and every student.friendly nature in each and every session. They gave more knowledge in minimal fees. I would recommend best platform to learn innovative and quality IT training . IT Shaala is the best institute in Pune😊
Adarsh Bhosale
Adarsh Bhosale
Java Devloper
Read More
I enrolled in the Java Full Stack course at IT Shaala, and I must say, it's been an outstanding experience so far. Sandeep Sir's teaching methodology is top-notch; he has a knack for breaking down complex Java concepts into digestible pieces, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, the support from the non-teaching staff has been exemplary, always ready to assist with any queries or concerns. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to delve into the world of Java Full Stack development.
Komal Kale
Komal KaleJava Devloper
Read More
The instructors at IT SHALA are undoubtedly experts in their field. They were not only knowledgeable but also adept at conveying complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering all the essential topics relevant to the course , and the hands-on practical sessions were particularly beneficial in reinforcing theoretical knowledge. They also conduct soft skills sessions which are very helpful while placements.
Kishor Pol
Kishor Pol
Software Developer @Infosys
Read More
Had a fantastic learning experience at ITshaala, one of the top institutes for Backend Developer training. The institute offers excellent training and top-notch infrastructure. Special thanks to Sandeep sir for providing invaluable guidance. His effective teaching methods and real-world examples made learning a breeze. Thanks to ITshaala, I've been able to shape my career as an IT professional. Grateful for the support that made my IT journey possible. If you aspire to have a successful IT career, IT Shaala is the right choice.
Swapnil Mane
Swapnil Mane
@Software Developer
Read More
Sandeep Sir is the Best Trainer ever ; Because I'm the Non - CS Student I Aware of These coding Skills But When I meet to Sandeep Sir He teaches Coding literally From Scratch. Cover all the Basics and Advanced Concepts . Highly Recommended...,
Tejal Wasaikar
Tejal Wasaikar
@Java Developer
Read More
"Mr. Sandeep has been a amazing trainer . I have learning Java from him from last 4 months . I am from a non technical background so it was very difficult for me to understand all the technical terms , but he made learning Java easier with his teaching skills and abundant knowledge. "

Advance your career and become Future-Ready. Join our Data Science Course in Pune! Data Science is a rapidly expanding subject in which new technology, tools, and applications emerge on a regular basis. Opportunities abound in the Data Science area, so if you have the necessary education and skills, you may find work both now and in the future. The data scientist course in Pune provided by IT Shaala will help you become a Data Science professional.

Learn data science concepts such as probability, regression, and inference. Machine learning will show you how to develop algorithms. SQL with Hadoop will allow you to manage huge volumes of data, including access, management, and partitioning. Enrol in our Data Science Course in Pune and we will position you in a top job as a Full Stack Developer.

The Data Science course at Pune's IT Shaala is an interdisciplinary study that uses statistics, artificial intelligence, computers, and data analysis to generate useful insights from raw data. This subject focuses on employing systematic algorithms and scientific approaches to identify patterns, forecast future trends, and influence business decisions. It is becoming an essential component of every business, including healthcare, banking, retail, and logistics.

Learning a Data Science course in Pune at IT Shaala assures that the training is delivered by industry specialists that understand all of the challenges that a student may experience in this sector. They are familiar with both the theoretical and practical sides of data science. IT Shaala's Data Science course in Pune provides comprehensive education, professional skills, and practical experience on live projects.

Your learning will not be limited to classroom training. You will get the opportunity to work on actual projects that will help you better grasp data science tools and approaches. Furthermore, our flexible learning choices allow you to continue your studies at your own speed and in the way that best suits you.

Data has become the industry's fuel. It is the new energy. Companies require data to better their operations. Companies must deal with data in order to make sound judgments. Then, Data Scientists at firms evaluate a big quantity of data to obtain relevant insights. These essential criteria will assist firms in analyzing their enterprises and departmental performance in the market. Data Science is employed in a variety of industries, including commercial and healthcare. Since 2014, the number of Data Scientist jobs has increased by 75%. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14 million jobs will be generated by 2025. Furthermore, the position of Data Scientist is listed as one of the top rising careers on LinkedIn. All figures indicate to an increase demand in Data Scientists.

IT Shaala offers industry-standard Hadoop courses created by IT professionals. We only give practical training. We deliver 100+ tasks, proof of concepts, and real-time projects as part of training. Additionally, CV writing, mock examinations, and interviews are conducted to ensure that candidates are industry-ready. Every applicant receives extensive notes, an interview kit, and reference materials. We improve pupils and refine their talents by charging Data Science Course Fees. Attend free demo session for Data Science Classes in Pune. Best Data Science Classes in Pune at IT Shaala, Pune.

Practical assignments are given at the end of each lesson.
A hands-on learning experience with a real-world project.
Individual practice interviews
Case studies in real time for practice
Job placement support with job notification till you acquire your first job Certificate of completion
Your inquiries will be answered at all times.

IT Shaala has been offering a Data Science Course in Pune with a 100% placement record since its inception. Every year, we produce thousands of new employment opportunities around the state through employment Fairs other pool drives.
Python Certified Data Scientist Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Applied AI with Deep Learning Data Science for Python Certification in Pune.

IT Shaala Online Data Science with Python Training is all you need to launch your career in Data science. There are around 2.5 million jobs available for data scientists and associated specialists. The course syllabus is created with all industry norms in consideration. In this Online Data Science with Python Course, you will learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language and how to apply it to data science. It will enable you to examine data using Python tools such as Pandas and Numpy. Machine learning models can be created with scipy and scikit-learn. With this Online Data Science with Python Training, you will be able to solve real-world data science challenges.

As we all know, the subject of data science is huge, and technologies are continuously growing and being updated on a regular basis. As a result of these developments, firms must improve their implementation methods in order to keep up with the rate of evolution and compete for the best customer service. However, it might be difficult due to a lack of information and competence. Corporate Data Science with Python Training will assist you. With the IT Shaala Corporate Data Science with Python Course, you will be able to sharpen and teach your existing personnel on new technological advancements. Going for Corporate Data Science with Python Training would be the ideal alternative to improve your employees' abilities with the newest continuing technology, allowing your firm to keep up with current market trends.

Data Science is generally acknowledged across the world and is not limited to IT MNCs. The reality is that every organization need data science people to extract relevant data from a massive pool of data and turn it into understandable and valuable data. This has resulted in a wealth of work prospects for data scientists all around the world.

Data Science professionals with Python skills are being hired in large numbers by an IT-based MNC. Professionals that are familiar with both methodologies not only have a strong coding background, but they also have strong analytical skills.

Companies provided competitive wages and job opportunities. Because data science using Python is a relatively new idea with little competition,

Data Science is made up of many ideas and modules that demand in-depth examination. There are some complicated topics that can only be taught by professionals. Data science course in pune with placement guarantee, in particular, need practical knowledge and hands-on teaching, which can only be obtained from a reputable school.

In Pune, IT Shaala offers a well-structured information data science with Python training. Aspirants learn the subtleties of Python and gain a grasp of its use in Data Science. The institute has a staff of trained coaches that are well-versed in Data Science. These instructors are dedicated to offering in-depth understanding of data science with Python. They concentrate not just on theory but also on practice.

IT Shaala provides lessons at an affordable cost as compared to other colleges. So, when it comes to Data science course in pune with placement guarantee, IT Shaala is the finest option.

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