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Data Science

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Kick Start Microsoft Excel

Working with formula


Modifying workbooks and worksheets

Database installation and overview
Fundamentals statements of SQL
Aggregation functions
JOIN statements
Advanced SQL 

Creating database

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Rahul Khartude
Rahul Khartude
Java Devloper
Read More
I joined IT Shaala in java full stack batch. Great platform to learn IT skills with super and deep knowledgeble mentors like Sandeep sir, Pragati mam. They asked dought each and every student.friendly nature in each and every session. They gave more knowledge in minimal fees. I would recommend best platform to learn innovative and quality IT training . IT Shaala is the best institute in Pune😊
Adarsh Bhosale
Adarsh Bhosale
Java Devloper
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I enrolled in the Java Full Stack course at IT Shaala, and I must say, it's been an outstanding experience so far. Sandeep Sir's teaching methodology is top-notch; he has a knack for breaking down complex Java concepts into digestible pieces, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, the support from the non-teaching staff has been exemplary, always ready to assist with any queries or concerns. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to delve into the world of Java Full Stack development.
Komal Kale
Komal KaleJava Devloper
Read More
The instructors at IT SHALA are undoubtedly experts in their field. They were not only knowledgeable but also adept at conveying complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering all the essential topics relevant to the course , and the hands-on practical sessions were particularly beneficial in reinforcing theoretical knowledge. They also conduct soft skills sessions which are very helpful while placements.
Kishor Pol
Kishor Pol
Software Developer @Infosys
Read More
Had a fantastic learning experience at ITshaala, one of the top institutes for Backend Developer training. The institute offers excellent training and top-notch infrastructure. Special thanks to Sandeep sir for providing invaluable guidance. His effective teaching methods and real-world examples made learning a breeze. Thanks to ITshaala, I've been able to shape my career as an IT professional. Grateful for the support that made my IT journey possible. If you aspire to have a successful IT career, IT Shaala is the right choice.
Swapnil Mane
Swapnil Mane
@Software Developer
Read More
Sandeep Sir is the Best Trainer ever ; Because I'm the Non - CS Student I Aware of These coding Skills But When I meet to Sandeep Sir He teaches Coding literally From Scratch. Cover all the Basics and Advanced Concepts . Highly Recommended...,
Tejal Wasaikar
Tejal Wasaikar
@Java Developer
Read More
"Mr. Sandeep has been a amazing trainer . I have learning Java from him from last 4 months . I am from a non technical background so it was very difficult for me to understand all the technical terms , but he made learning Java easier with his teaching skills and abundant knowledge. "

Data analysts, database managers, and business intelligence professionals are becoming increasingly popular as companies realize their ability to extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of data. In essence, it is a method that allows businesses or organizations to use specialized computer tools to extract meaning from raw data. Businesses can use the results of questionnaires, surveys, and other public opinion campaigns to improve their operations. In today's world, when data is coveted by every organization, Our Best data analytics Courses in Pune helps businesses to use the information to discover patterns, obtain market intelligence, and make informed investment decisions. As a result, data analysts are already in high demand across a wide range of businesses and across the world. Given the significance of data collection and analysis, data analysts, researchers, and big data specialists will be in high demand in the future years.


Whether in India or elsewhere in the globe, the need for Data Analysts is strong and will continue to be so for some time. Each of the IT industry's sectors is expanding, and so is the demand for various forms of data. Thus, one may anticipate an increase in demand for Data Analysts in the near future, necessitating the need for Best Data Analytics Courses in Pune, where we give you with the chance to grasp the hallmarks of Data Analysts with our rigorous training program! To study Best Data Analytics Courses in Pune, no previous qualitative or quantitative knowledge is required. It starts with fundamental principles like mean, median mode, and so on, and then moves on to cover all facet of an analytics (or) data science profession, from analyzing and processing raw data to displaying your findings. If you are a programmer, a fresh graduate looking for a new job, or a data analyst looking to get into the IT field. This course will teach you the core advanced techniques used by data scientists in the real world.

Advanced Excel users understand how to collect, organize, and present data in an appealing visual format. Excel skills such as Power Query (Get & Transform Data), Databases, column styles, and layout options are required to develop great Excel workbooks. Advanced Excel skills include the ability to efficiently manage vast volumes of data utilizing spreadsheets, calculations, algorithms, and statistics. Advanced Excel may simplify this procedure by resolving complex difficulties in Excel. Conditional formatting, Advanced Formulas, Power Query, and Advanced Charting are some of the most popular MS Excel study options for students looking to enhance their abilities. Thus, by using Excel, consumers and businesses can manage enormous databases while reducing the need for specialized software tools to provide meaningful information.

After careful consideration and countless hours of planning and debate, our Data Analytics Course in Pune was established by industry experts from different MNCs. It was designed to eventually allow anyone to easily execute any IT-related tasks. As previously stated, we provide a mentor to assist folks in developing strong social profiles using a variety of tools in combination with our weekly meetings. We also promote weblog writing and give self-paced sample projects to help each student develop a strong sense of their particular brand. We provide mentoring in technical communication and self-promotion. Because of our connections with a number of renowned data science businesses, our students may quickly migrate across industries and jobs.

Joining the Data Analytics Online Training program improves your abilities in data interpretation and visualization, which will help you make decisions about business expansion and product development. IT Shaala Online Data Analytics Course in Pune will teach you how to use SQL databases, R and Python programming languages, develop data visualizations, and use data and predictive analytics in a business setting. Learn how to use scikit-learn to execute machine learning, how to manage DataFrames from Pandas, how to utilize the SciPy library of mathematical patterns, and how to analyze data in Python using multi-dimensional arrays in NumPy. After finishing Our Best Data Analytics Courses in Pune, you will be prepared to take the Data Analytics Certification Exam, which will help you get recruited in top MNCs.

Corporate Data Analytics Course in Pune is intended to provide extensive knowledge of Data Analysis such as Data Collection, Extraction, Cleansing, and Data Integration with high accuracy so that your existing employees can assist in the construction of Prediction Models for Information Visualization and the deployment of the solution. Our highly skilled trainers are always available to handle the latest Generation programs with the most recent versions, allowing your team to tackle challenging scenarios. As part of the Corporate Data Analytics Course in Pune, your complete staff will be taught to Statistical Evaluation, Text Mining, Regression Modeling, Hypothesis Testing, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Programming languages such as R and Python. Prepare to follow in the footsteps of the ongoing trend and change towards AI and witness your firm develop with empowered people.

SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language, which is sometimes spelled "S-Q-L" or "See-Quel" in some circumstances. The SQL tool is the most widely used technology for interacting with Relational Database systems. SQL allows you to insert, search, update, and delete records in a database. SQL can perform a range of functions, including data optimization and management. SQL is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard language for working with large databases. It may be used to create databases, delete, retrieve, and modify records, among other things. Relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, and others employ Database Syntax. Despite the fact that different RDBMS have a few discrete operations and even distinct SQL markup languages, SQL syntaxes used in numerous databases are now nearly identical. The four essential components of the SQL language are clauses, expressions, queries, and statements. These are used to regulate, retrieve, flow, and administer databases. This course educates students about the majority of the features and many other aspects of SQL Script and Database Administration tools such as MS SQL and MySQL.

Power BI is a collection of software tools, apps, and connections that work together to turn data from many sources into logical, visually appealing, and dynamic results. Your data might be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a combination of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid database systems. Power BI makes it simple to connect your data sources, display and analyze what matters, and share your findings with whoever you choose. Power BI Desktop, services, and business technologies are all designed to help you develop, distribute, and absorb market intelligence in the most efficient and effective method for you and your position. Power BI may be used to generate reports on your company based on customer interaction data, as well as real-time dashboards via the Power BI service to monitor inventory and production performance. You may create a searchable report with shorter chunks bills using a Power BI database.

Tableau was created in 2004 as a result of a Stanford computer engineering project aimed at improving the efficiency of data analysis and making data more accessible to customers through visualization. Tableau is a sophisticated analytic tool that is altering the way we use information to evaluate situations by helping individuals and businesses to make the most of their data. As the market-leading solution for modern business intelligence, the Tableau architecture made it simpler for visitors to explore and analyze information, as well as locate and discuss ideas that may improve enterprises and the globe. If you work as an analyst, statistician, student, instructor, executive, or in a large corporation, learning Tableau will help you in your job and career. Tableau tools explore relational databases, automated analytic packages, public cloud services, and spreadsheets to create graph-type data representations. An in-memory information processor may also be used to gather, store, and retrieve data. Tableau also has mapping features, allowing it to visualize locations and link to spatial information in databases. Tableau has been awarded one of the top BI Software in recent years as a result of these characteristics.

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