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React JS Course

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Frontend Development

Using React Js
  • Frontend Development Certificate
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What Will You Learn - Curriculum

1. Web Programming Introduction
2. Introduction
3. Headers
4. Different Types of Tags
5. Semantic HTML Elements

1. Introduction
2. Syntax
3. Selectors and Specificity
4. Types of CSS properties
5. Box Model

1.Introduction to Bootstrap

2.Bootstrap Grid

1. General overview of JavaScript
2. Syntax, Variables, Values, Data Types
3. Expressions and Operators
4. Control structures
5. Error handling
6. Data types with methods supported
8. Regular Expressions
9. Objects

10. ES6 Features.
11. Iterators and generators
12. Prototype-based Object 
13. JavaScript in the 
14. Browser Object Model

15. Document Object Model
16. Handling Events
17. Ajax*
18. JavaScript Async
19. Data Storage

1. Introduction to Databases and MySQL
2. Installation and Configuration
3. Basic SQL Syntax

4. Querying Data
5. Joins and Relationships
6. Indexing and Optimization
7. Data Integrity and Constraints
8. Introduction to Stored Procedures and

1. Introduction to NoSQL and MongoDB
2. Installation and Configuration
3. Basic CRUD Operations
4. Querying Data
5. Indexes and Performance
6. Data Modeling in MongoDB


2.Vs Code


Key Highlights in React JS Course

100% Job Assurance

Personalized Career Coach

80% Practical Training

Study App/Material

Capstone Projects

Weekend Test/Mocks

Industry Expert Trainers

Certificate of Completion

Spotlight on Success: Recent Placements

Empowering Dreams, One Job at a Time


Rahul Khartude
Rahul Khartude
Java Devloper
Read More
I joined IT Shaala in java full stack batch. Great platform to learn IT skills with super and deep knowledgeble mentors like Sandeep sir, Pragati mam. They asked dought each and every student.friendly nature in each and every session. They gave more knowledge in minimal fees. I would recommend best platform to learn innovative and quality IT training . IT Shaala is the best institute in Pune😊
Adarsh Bhosale
Adarsh Bhosale
Java Devloper
Read More
I enrolled in the Java Full Stack course at IT Shaala, and I must say, it's been an outstanding experience so far. Sandeep Sir's teaching methodology is top-notch; he has a knack for breaking down complex Java concepts into digestible pieces, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable. Additionally, the support from the non-teaching staff has been exemplary, always ready to assist with any queries or concerns. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to delve into the world of Java Full Stack development.
Komal Kale
Komal KaleJava Devloper
Read More
The instructors at IT SHALA are undoubtedly experts in their field. They were not only knowledgeable but also adept at conveying complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering all the essential topics relevant to the course , and the hands-on practical sessions were particularly beneficial in reinforcing theoretical knowledge. They also conduct soft skills sessions which are very helpful while placements.
Kishor Pol
Kishor Pol
Software Developer @Infosys
Read More
Had a fantastic learning experience at ITshaala, one of the top institutes for Backend Developer training. The institute offers excellent training and top-notch infrastructure. Special thanks to Sandeep sir for providing invaluable guidance. His effective teaching methods and real-world examples made learning a breeze. Thanks to ITshaala, I've been able to shape my career as an IT professional. Grateful for the support that made my IT journey possible. If you aspire to have a successful IT career, IT Shaala is the right choice.
Swapnil Mane
Swapnil Mane
@Software Developer
Read More
Sandeep Sir is the Best Trainer ever ; Because I'm the Non - CS Student I Aware of These coding Skills But When I meet to Sandeep Sir He teaches Coding literally From Scratch. Cover all the Basics and Advanced Concepts . Highly Recommended...,
Tejal Wasaikar
Tejal Wasaikar
@Java Developer
Read More
"Mr. Sandeep has been a amazing trainer . I have learning Java from him from last 4 months . I am from a non technical background so it was very difficult for me to understand all the technical terms , but he made learning Java easier with his teaching skills and abundant knowledge. "

You will learn about the components, composition, and novel concepts involved in constructing programs using ReactJS through functional activities. I'll also show you how to create and deploy frontend applications using wonderful React capabilities like data binding, universal apps, declarative views, and so much more. Participate in a rigorous "React JS Course in Pune" to upgrade your front-end programming abilities.

React Js, also known as React. Facebook and Opensource Community created and maintain js. Jordan Walke, a Facebook employee who was motivated by XHP, invented ReactJS. Because React JS is faster than other frameworks, most front-end developers choose to use it to build user interfaces. Enrol in the world's top skill. React JS Course in Pune will propel your profession to new heights. We at IT Shaala provide you with an ideal platform to study and explore the topic from industry experts.  upgrade Your Web Development Skills with "React JS Classes in Pune"

IT Shaala React JS Course in Pune will provide an introduction to the world of React and front-end programming. Hands-on learning sessions will teach you about the design, components, and advanced ideas involved in developing complex online apps with React.JS, Flux, and Redux. You will also learn how to create and deploy dynamic front end apps utilizing React features such as component design, data binding, declarative views, universal programming, and much more. The Best Teachers in Pune Offer Comprehensive "React JS Course in Pune" to Assist You in Your Career Advancement. The program is created by industry experts to be job-oriented and up to date with the latest advancements in the sector. Enrol in this course, which is based on Version 16, to start your road to becoming a React expert. Mastering React 16, which comes with a whole new set of features, has become a need for everyone interested in a career in frontend development. Use Expert-Led "React JS Classes in Pune" to Reach Your Full Potential.

With the passage of time, React has emerged as one of the most efficient and popular JavaScript front-end frameworks. React, developed in Facebook's laboratories, assists with curating applications with more convenience, scalability, and resilience. This is why most firms choose React, and there is a high need for React experts and engineers. Experience Web Development's Future with the Best "React JS Classes in Pune."

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is used to create interactive user interfaces (UIs). With React's growing international popularity for generating applications more effectively and easily, there is a global demand for more React specialists and developers, notably in India. Learning React as a beginner might be difficult, but not when you learn it.

With useful exercises, you will learn about the components, composition, and new concepts involved in constructing apps with ReactJS. I'll also show you how to create and deploy frontend applications using incredible React capabilities like data binding, universal apps, declarative views, and so much more. Take a comprehensive "React JS Course in Pune" to improve your front-end programming abilities.

IT Shaala ReactJS Training Institute in Pune is thoughtfully developed and performed by skilled faculty in accordance with the requirements of the top industries. The course focuses on teaching students how to create applications with React programming that are both powerful and fast. These elements in our ReactJS training in Pimpri Chinchwad aid students in learning by making the process interesting and gratifying.

IT Shaala is a co-operating classroom ReactJS Classes in Pune, and the majority of our courses are built on real-world learning to improve the students' working abilities utilizing the actual software program. The practical lessons educate students so that by the end of the course, they are ready to land a job as a React professional in a multinational corporation. Real-time ReactJS Training Institute in Pune is provided to students. To offer trainees a true taste of the React world, they are given the opportunity to work on real-world projects under the supervision of experts.  IT Shaala's placement cell organizes one-on-one mock interviews for the React course, as well as aptitude training sessions and soft skill training workshops, to ensure that trainees are fully prepared to face any type of interview in order to gain a position in the top IT firms.

IT Shaala transforms a newbie computer user into a React professional after completing ReactJS Courses in Pune, which give comprehensive understanding of the popular software programming language.


ReactJS is simply easier to comprehend right away. React has a unique syntax known as JSX, which allows you to integrate hypertext mark-up language with JavaScript. This is not required; developers will continue to write in ordinary JavaScript, although JSX is much easier to use.


Native Approach

React will be used to develop mobile apps (React Native). And because React is a traditionalist admirer of reusability, in-depth code reusability is enabled.

Data Binding

React employs unidirectional information binding in conjunction with an application design known as Flux to manage the flow of knowledge to components via a single control purpose - the dispatcher. Self-contained sections of large ReactJS apps are easy to repair.



React provides no notion of an intrinsic instrumentality for reliance. You may utilize Browserify, Require JS, EcmaScript vi modules that we can use via Babel, ReactJS-di to automatically inject dependencies.



ReactJS apps are extremely simple to test. Because React views are viewed as functions of the state, we may alter the state. We often provide to ReactJS read and inspect the output to trigger actions, events, functions, and so forth.

Facebook and a group of independent engineers maintain the JavaScript-based framework React JS. React JS is used to build a visually appealing user experience with little code. Online React JS Course in Pune will provide you a thorough comprehension of the idea as well as hands-on experience. Its quick, powerful, versatile, and scalable capabilities allow developers to create visually appealing user interfaces for online applications. React JS Online Classes will help you grasp the most important elements of React JS, such as JSX and data storage with props and state. The React JS Online course will provide you with all of the required abilities to land a job with a reputable firm.

Corporate React JS Course in Pune can assist your organization's personnel in creating eye-catching user interfaces for online apps from the end user's perspective, hence increasing an organization's income. Corporate React Js Classes in Pune can raise your employees' productivity in designing the front end for websites and online apps, allowing your firm to deliver the final product on time and with customer satisfaction.

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